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"What Does Wildlife Conservation Mean to You?" Essay Winner

Congratulations to Olivia Graesser, 6th Grader at St.Matthews School! She won a VIP pass to Woodmen …


Now lets see. If the fourth and final egg was laid on March 30 ...

And I count 33 days after the last one was laid. One, two, three ... Then the eggs should start hatc…


2014 "What Does Wildlife Conservation Mean to You?" Essay Contest

Woodmen of the World is holding a “What Does Wildlife Conservation Mean to You?” essay contest, whic…


Four eggs and the changing of the guard.

Hera arrives to swap spots with Mintaka. During the change, you can clearly see the four eggs. Hera …


Hera has chosen the East Box!

Here's egg #1. How many eggs do you think she will lay this year?…


Which box will the couple choose to nest in this year? The north or east nest box?

Woodmen Tower falcons Hera and Mintaka are feeling the pressure. These experienced parents know they…


It's that time again!

Is that you Mother Falcon?…


And just like when our kids grow up and leave the "nest," the falcon chicks are gone.

But don't worry, they probably didn't go far. Just out of our camera range. Yesterday I went up to s…


Welcome Woodmen Tower Falcons Joslyn, Orpheum, Durham, Big O

Woodmen of the World is proud to announce the names of the newest batch of Woodmen Tower falcon chic…


Last Chance to Vote For Your Favorite!

TOMORROW is the last day to enter the “Name the Falcons” sweepstakes! The top five groups of names h…



Woodmen Tower Falcons Education Materials

Woodmen of the World has teamed up with Fontenelle Forest to raise awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation, particularly peregrine falcons, in Nebraska.


LIVE FalconCam

See our LIVE camera view on our FalconCam page!

Experience the Woodmen Tower peregrine falcons at FalconWatch. Watch these once-endangered, beautiful birds of prey interact, incubate and hatch their young on our five falcon cams.

Discover how peregrine falcons have called the Woodmen Tower in Downtown Omaha, NE, home since 1988 and how, in that time, more than 50 falcon chicks have hatched here.

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